Last Day of School is Almost Here!

A Message From HerodThe last day of school is coming fast. It is on the 16th of June. I am so exited!! Alan via Compfight

My Future

The Future of Me


Hey everyone. For my week 9 blogging challenge, I will be talking about what and how I want my future to be.  I really want my future to be exciting, happy and a journey full of twists and turns.  Enjoy the life of me!


First off, I will need a good job and go to college before I get married and have kids. I want to go to BYU or maybe Duke for college. There are quite a few jobs on my mind which are, Teacher, Hairstylist, and Orthodontist.  I want to become a teacher in elementary school in 3rd or 2nd grade. I love teaching kids and sometimes, me and my little sister will play together.  I want to become a hairstylist because one thing I love to do is make cool hairstyles on other people.  Lastly, I want to become an orthodontist because I have braces and want other people to have beautiful smiles.


My next goal is to find a good husband and get married.  I would want to have 3 to 4 kids. I want to have more girls than boys but it might turn out the opposite.  I want to have a husky dog because they are cute and sweet.  

 One Year Later

Last is where I will live I will want to start off my life here in Virginia but after I get married, we might move somewhere else.  Those places might be Arizona, Utah or stay in Virginia.  I would want to go to Arizona because it is warm and I really hate the cold.  The reason I also picked Utah is because it is also warm, a lot of my family lives there and there are many sites to see.  

This is my future. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my future life and a little more about me. What will your future be like?    

 Patrick via Compfight


Limerick Fun

Yesterday in my English class, we wrote Limericks.  It was fun and exiting because many people made very funny ones and it was cool to see how people can use there imagination, like with animals, items and much more. I made one about a cow wanting to fly and it goes like this……

There once was a cow named Bryan

He wished that he could go flyen 

He jumped off a tall cliffCreative Commons License Marchnwe via Compfight

But there was no big lift

So that was the end of Bryan


I also made one about a cat that turns brown for no reason and it goes like this……


I once had a bright yellow  cat

That started to look like brown scat

I tried out the shower

And tried it for an hour

But he still just looked like brown scat


Limericks are fun and easy to make, so try it and have some fun.




The light is all gone Nick Sherman via Compfight

My bed is warm and undone

Time to go to bed


Time is running out

Must get to the finish line

I make it and win


The shop says OPEN

I find myself and flavor

I eat till it’s gone Phil King via Compfight

 OPEN💥Purple JimmiesCreative Commons License Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig via Compfight

Christmas brings great joys

To all little girls and boys

so let us rejoice

Rice Trivia


Hey there.  Today I donated 700 grains of rice to the Free rice program.   If you go to the link, you can click on the home button at the top, and it will take you right to the rice game

Studant blogging challange week 3

 This is a post for the studant blogging challange  in my class.

I had to make a story using 5 pictures.  youngthousands via Compfight   Chris Ford via CompfightKrissy Venosdale via Compfight gato-gato-gato viaKingston Ontario ~ Hillcroft Villa ~ Heritage Historical Mansionspring lightLittle Pug, Big Flowerpot'Man's Best Friend', United States, New York, Hamtpons, Sag Harbor CompfightOnasill ~ Bill Badzo ~ Flickr Bug in time by One Hour Earlier via Compfight


All About Me

By: Kennedy A

Hi,  my name is Kennedy.  I love art, reading, baking and hanging out with friends.  I have 7 people in my family including me. It goes Mom, Dad, Hunter, Me, Parker, Colton and Sadie.  I have 2 pet rats which you might think is really gross but they are basicly like bigger hamsters with long tails and they are very cute.    My favorite subjects are art and english as well as a little bit of history.  I hate math no matter what.   My favorite foods are hot dogs and soup.  As I told you I love baking and cooking so I love helping my mom make dinner.  When I grow up I want to be a teacher in elementary school because I love teaching little kids fun things.  I kinda also want to be a hairstylist but not as much as a teacher.  I love all kinds of animals except for snakes  because they freak me out.  My favorite color is PINK but I also like blue, lime green and yellow because they look good together.  I love to watch movies.  Every Saturday me and my family watches a movie.  My favorite sports are volleyball, swim and basketball.  My favorite seasons are winter and summer.  I also LOVE ice cream especially in the summer.  I sometimes still eat it when its in the middle of the winter.   
Creative Commons License PonkanBox via CompfightI scream for ice cream

One Little Word




by Kennedy


Lately, day dreaming, chatting and being out to lunch are some of the unneeded things on my list.   The main thing I need to do now is focus.  This is something that needs to happen in my school life and social life.  In school I get caught up in thinking about something else thats on my mind and sometimes need to pay closer attention.   At home, I get caught up in my room doing something that is unneeded when I need to be doing chores or sometimes taking care of my younger siblings.  When I don’t realize that I am not focused on what really needs to be done, it really can effect things, mostly in school though.  If I work on what needs more  work and focus, I could have a bit healthier and better life.  Maybe, is I focus a little more, other people won’t get mad at me for asking what they just said and people won’t waste their breath.  This is why I chose focus as my one little word.



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